Why I joined Digital Shadows - Paul Kenealy

Paul Kenealy | 18 January 2017

Joining Digital Shadows was easy and it stood out head and shoulders above a crowded space. Having worked in Cyber Threat Intelligence and Security for the last 15 years, it was refreshing to find an organization that has their client’s intelligence needs at the heart of what they do. In my experience, no organization offers the relevance provided by Digital Shadows. There are four further reasons why I joined Digital Shadows as Director of Intelligence.

  1. Digital Shadows has the recipe for success. During my time as a consultant at KPMG I was hugely privileged to work with organizations of all different sizes, within different sectors and at different stages in their cyber intelligence maturity journey. One thing was clear - the organizations that had a long-term intelligence strategy, which was supported by trusted suppliers to do the heavy lifting, were the ones who found the greatest success.
  2. Digital Shadows inform decisions about risk. I’ve seen how Cyber Threat Intelligence can be core component, if not the foundation, of an organization’s risk cyber risk management capability. I wanted to join an organization that really brings these cyber risk management (intelligence) programs to life with key analyst insights.  
  3. Digital Shadows is an extension of your team. Organizations always have to do more with less, and threat intelligence functions are no exception. Digital Shadows offers an exceptional bang for the buck, as in some cases our subscription can be a substitute for an entire team of cyber threat analysts. This allows us to work alongside our clients as an extension of their team. 
  4. Digital Shadows looks beyond the enterprise. The ability to quickly share large quantities of data is a key enabler to today’s modern business. It’s no wonder, then,  that data breaches and leaks – whether accidental or malicious, are a common occurrence. I was interested from the beginning in Digital Shadows as their solution is source agnostic; your company’s leaked or stolen data can be detected regardless of the source. This is bringing a level of monitoring and detection that just isn’t possible with traditional enterprise based solutions.

I’m looking forward to further helping organizations to define and refine their intelligence requirements, identify vulnerabilities, assess threats and, ultimately, make better decisions about risk.