Digital Shadows SearchLight

The SearchLight service combines scalable data analytics with human data analysts to manage and mitigate digital risks.

What We Do

The Digital Shadows SearchLight™ service combines scalable data analytics with human data analysts to manage and mitigate risks of an organization’s brand exposure, VIP exposure, cyber threat, data exposure, infrastructure exposure, physical threat, and third party risk, and create an up-to-the minute view of an organization’s digital risk with tailored threat intelligence. 

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Why SearchLight

Extensive Coverage

We monitor the widest range of sources across the visible, deep, and dark web. Our service identifies a variety of digital risks, including cyber threats, data exposure, and reputational risks.

Relevant Threat Intelligence

A register of key assets that uniquely define your organization, your subsidiaries and your supply chain drives our intelligence machinery. You only see intelligence that is relevant to you.

Human in the Loop

Our intelligence operations analysts lift the signal from the noise, strip out false alarms and send you the priority cases. You save time and money.

Our Unique Approach


Assessment, Setup and Configuration

We work with you to understand what’s most important to you – critical information assets, threat actors and vulnerabilities – and then create a tailored configuration that will allow us to tune SearchLight to meet your needs.  As part of this process we issue a baseline report covering historical incidents.


Monitor and Mitigate

We then continuously monitor your organization’s digital shadow, identifying incidents as they occur, delivering only relevant alerts and regular reports by email, through our client portal, and through our API as required.  We continue to review and update our setup and configuration with you to understand and mitigate new threats as they emerge.


Managed Takedown Service

With the Managed Takedown Service, Digital Shadows identifies and initiates takedown requests at the organization’s request across a wide variety of scenarios seamlessly within the Digital Shadows SearchLight™ portal. The Digital Shadows Managed Takedown Service enables swift action, to help minimize the loss of revenue, brand damage, loss of customer trust and the theft of customer data.


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