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Get actionable insights, researched and produced by our team of extremely skilled analysts. 

Digital Shadows' professional services offerings build upon SearchLight's vast database of cyber threats to provide a range of products that dramatically enhance an organization's ability to manage their digital risks. Digital Shadows provides a number of flexible but defined product offerings that fulfill an organization's threat and risk management requirements at all levels of decision-making.

All of our professional service products are researched and produced by our internal team of subject matter experts, which consists of experienced intelligence analysts with both public and private sector background, malware reverse engineers and cultural, geostrategic and data science experts.



Digital Research Reports (DRR)

Digital Research Reports (DRRs) provide in-depth technical, geopolitical or geostrategic looks into threats that factor heavily in an organization’s senior decision-making process. DRRs are researched and written by our internal team of intelligence experts, supported by our vast threat database and fulfill an organization’s informational requirements around the strategic decision making process, allowing senior leadership to make more informed strategic decisions and align their longer-term security postures to the threat landscape. Examples of topics covered by DRRs include: 

Professional Services Digital Shadows 

  • Threat assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • In-depth threat analysis
  • Actor profiles
  • Employee risk profiling
  • Technology threat trends
  • Thematic reporting
  • Delivered as one-off or periodic reports 

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Systemically-important financial institutions that form part of the UK's Critical National Infrastructure need to remain resilient to cyber attack. To help them achieve this, the Bank of England has launched the CBEST scheme, with Digital Shadows being one of the few companies accredited to undertake the Threat Intelligence component of this work. The intelligence-led approach to a CBEST test mimics the actions of cyber attackers intent on stealing, compromising or destroying organizational assets that have financial, operational, intellectual, confidential or reputational value to both the target institution and the wider economy of the United Kingdom.

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Digital Shadows was one of the original vendors who worked with the Bank of England, CREST and the wider InfoSec community to define a framework for developing the CBEST test. We therefore have the capability and experience to provide clients with intelligence of the standard required for CBEST and STAR testing purposes.

For further detail about our CBEST reports, please see the blue box below.

How CBEST Works

Should you wish to engage with us, the work will typically consist of three phases:


Targeting Report

On the basis of the Threat Intelligence Report we will emulate a threat actor's approach to researching a target's digital footprint. A Targeting Report containing the results of our reconnaissance will then form the basis of our handover discussions with your security test provider.


Deliver Baseline Report

Having understood your critical information assets, risks and social media policy, we will configure Digital Shadows SearchLight™ to meet your requirements. As part of this process we will issue a Baseline Report covering historical incidents.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence Report

Working in tandem with Digital Shadows SearchLight™, and other intelligence gathering and analysis facilities at our disposal, we will generate a credible picture of the current threat situation and issue a Threat Intelligence Report containing the results of our research.

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