Digital Risk Management

For the last 20 years we have focused on protecting our networks, but now the boundaries have disappeared. Our digital footprints are expanding like never before.

The Need for Digital Risk Management

Organizations are quickly realizing they need to continuously monitor for external digital risks to their business, however, they are overwhelmed by point solutions that generate irrelevant, non-prioritized alerts. Security teams need a solution that can monitor open and closed digital sources for risks to their business and only deliver threats that are relevant and verified.

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  • Your Digital Shadow

    Whenever your employees, suppliers and partners make a move online, they leave behind an electronic trail called a digital footprint. While this footprint can be advantageous, information can be inadvertently exposed and thereby used maliciously. Besides damaging your brand, a digital shadow can leave you vulnerable to corporate espionage and competitive intelligence, as well as create targets for cyber attackers.
  • Your Attackers’ Shadow

    Some digital shadows can prove advantageous to your organization; the digital shadows of your attackers, that is. The adversary also casts a shadow similar to that of private and public corporations. You can use that information to understand attacker patterns, motives, attempted threat vectors, and activities on the dark web, in order to better assess and design your security postures.

Manage Your Digital Risk

Digital Shadows monitors and manages an organization’s Digital Risk across the widest range of data sources within the open, deep, and dark web to protect the company’s business, brand, and reputation.

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