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Cybercrime and the holiday season

Cybercrime and the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a busy time for shopper, retailers, and cybercriminals. The influx in payment card information exchange makes it a ripe season for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities and get access to your data.

This research discusses:
  • The top 4 types of attacks we are likely to see
  • The tool, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) cybercriminals are using
  • How to defend against these types of attacks

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Fake News Cover Photo min

The Business of Disinformation: A Taxonomy

Disinformation campaigns, or “fake news” stories, are not limited to the geopolitical realm – its use is far more pervasive. The availability of tools found by Digital Shadows research team means that barriers to entry are lower than ever.

This research:

  • Defines disinformation “fake news” campaigns
  • Uncovers the various motives for authors
  • Tools available to help create and spread their message
  • Lays out the stages used to executive campaigns
  • Outlines how to disrupt the efforts of “fake news”

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Digital Risk Management Infographic min

Digital Risk Management Infographic - 18 Reasons to Select Digital Shadows

This infographic shows 18 compelling reasons why to select Digital Shadows as your digital risk management service. 

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Equifax Breach Digital Shadows Research Report

Equifax Breach: 6 Lessons Learned for Organizations

While Equifax is the latest major data breach to hit the headlines, we know it will not be the last. This research report investigates from an organization's perspective what can be done to prevent, detect, and mitigate damage to the business and brand as a result of a data breach.

Read the full report to learn:

  • The 4 major areas of impact this breach has had on Equifax's business
  • 6 lessons organizations can learn from before, during, and after discovering a breach
  • How to prevent, detect, and mitigate these types of threats to your organization

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ESG Digital Risk Management Report Cover Image

ESG: The Pressing Need for Digital Risk Management

There is good and bad news around cybersecurity these days. The good news is that many CEOs and corporate boards no longer accept “good enough” security, and are willing to invest in best practices and leading security defenses to protect their organizations. So what’s the bad news? Many organizations continue to think of cyber-risk in terms of internal network penetration rather than as a more comprehensive strategy that includes all digital assets - websites, social networks, VIP and third-party partner exposure, etc. To address these risks, CISOs and risk officers must adopt a thorough digital risk management strategy that includes monitoring, filtering, prioritizing, and responding to threats across the public Internet and dark web. Digital Shadows specializes in this area and can help organizations with digital risk mitigation. 

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Online Carding Courses Research Cover Image

Inside Online Carding Courses Designed for Cybercriminals

Digital Shadows lifts the lid on sophisticated Russian language e-learning credit card fraud courses allowing aspiring criminals to make $12,000 in monthly earnings and pointing to the increased sophistication of the professional cybercriminal ecosystem as fraudsters seek to up-skill themselves.

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Account Takeover Research Report Image

Protect Your Customer and Employee Accounts: 7 Ways to Mitigate the Growing Risks of Account Takeovers

97% of the world's largest 1,000 organizations had their credentials exposed in 2016.

Billions of leaked credentials are exposed online every year. Cybercriminals are increasingly turning to credential stuffing tools to automate attempts at account takeover, making these leaked credentials very useful for them.

Read our report to learn:

  • Common targets for these attacks
  • Tools attackers use to automate account takeovers
  • How to monitor the activities of cyber criminals who conduct account takeovers
  • Measures to implement to ensure your organization is better protected

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Digital Risk Management Report Image

Digital Risk Management: Identifying and Responding to Risks Beyond the Boundary

Organizations’ digital footprints are expanding and changing at an overwhelming rate. Attackers are using this information to exploit organizations and launch their attacks.  

Traditional security solutions that focus on the perimeter can’t address these risks by themselves because the boundary is disappearing. 

Learn how Digital Shadows can help you manage your digital risk, minimize your digital shadow and protect against:

  • Cyber threats
  • Data exposure
  • Reputational damage

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Threat Intelligence Buyers Guide CATER Image

5 Considerations When Purchasing Threat Intelligence: The CATER Model

In order to pick through the noisy Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) industry, buyers of CTI should use CATER as a guide to assessing vendors across five categories. 

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Stages of DDoS Cyber Extortion Image

The 3 Typical Stages of DDoS Extortion

One of the most popular means to facilitate extortion is through DDoS attacks. These types of attacks typically target business-critical websites in order to increase the likelihood of payment and can have crippling effects on organizations. In this 1-pager, we discuss the three typical stages of DDoS extortion. 

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Dark Net Research OReilly Report Image

O’Reilly: Patrolling the Dark Net

In this O’Reilly report, authors Greg Fell and Mike Barlow explore both the benign and malevolent activities of the dark net, and the dark web, to explain the surprising origin of the dark net, how criminals use the dark net to steal and store vital information, and how you can patrol this not-so-secret domain to detect and thwart intruders. 

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